This report focuses on the opportunities in the BIOTECHNOLOGY AND PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY in the Netherlands and is a practical guide to companies targeting the Dutch market.The Dutch Life sciences sector is developing at a rapid pace. Almost a hundred new life sciences ventures were launched over the past ten years. In total more than 400 companies operate in this industry. It is expected that the total value on pharmaceutical products is going to be ? 3,880 million in 2004. An ageing population in the Netherlands rises new opportunities. In 2010 there will be 2,500,000 persons over 65 years old (14.9% of total population) and in 2020 there will be 3,200,000 persons (19.2%).

The size of the report, in Powerpoint presentation format, is 50 pages. Chapter 5 Resources lists 50 pages of contacts.

  1. The Netherlands
      1.2 Policy
      1.3 Economy
      1.4 Culture
  2. Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals in the Netherlands
      2.1 General Market Data
            2.1.1 Fact sheet the Netherlands
      2.2 The role of the Dutch Government
      2.3 Legislation and regulations
      2.4 Market size
            2.4.1 Red Biotechnology
            2.4.2 Pharmaceuticals
            2.4.3 Prescribed and Proprietary Drugs
            2.4.4 Generics
            2.4.5 Parallel Imports
      2.5 Market expectations
  3. Main influencers in Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industry
      3.1 Characteristics of the Dutch Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals
      3.2 General distribution       
      3.3 Life sciences
            3.3.1 Red Biotechnology companies
      3.4 Pharmaceutical companies
3.5 Generics companies       
      3.6 Care Insurers      
      3.7 Wholesalers/Distributors      
      3.8 Pharmacies      
      3.9 OTC      
      3.10 How to do business with Dutch companies      
      3.11 Market Expectations  
  4. Threats and Opportunities  
  5. Resources 
Organisations - Life Science Parks - Laboratory Firms - Contract Reseach  Organisations - Biotechnology manufacturers - Biotechnology companies - R&D companies - Pharmaceutical companies - Generic companies - Care Insurers - Main wholesalers and distributors - Exhibitions and Conferences

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