Your colleague in the export market

'FRIBERG CONSULT is well known for the ability to listen, identify and understand the needs and wants of their customers’.

FRIBERG CONSULT can help you to:

  • Export to the Netherlands and Denmark 
  • Analyse existing export strategies
  • Understand markets and business
  • Identify new opportunities in increasing export share and profitability
  • Find business partners
  • Arrange and set up exhibitions
  • Set up an office or business operation in the Netherlands or Denmark.

Success in export markets is crucial to long-term growth in business. FRIBERG CONSULT is interested in helping you. We work with both well established and start-up companies to build profitable sales and effective marketing results. Also we work in partnership with Ministries, Development Agencies and Foreign Enterprises in helping their companies to get success in the export market. To develop knowledge and understanding of markets we help you in researching markets, supporting export promotion activities, arranging market visits, developing trade and actively assisting you to successfully enter the markets.

Since 1989, the Business and Trade Developers at FRIBERG CONSULT have built a knowledge and experience of international trade in export and marketing from some of the most prestigious global organisations in both the public and private sector. Market knowledge and a network of contacts in diverse business & industrial fields from both the Danish and Dutch market has been created by working and living in the countries for several years.

FRIBERG CONSULT is able to assist and support companies in almost every business area imaginable. Learn more about our ability to assist you by browsing through our website. We can help you save time and money.

Use our network and experience to work for you as your colleague in the market.

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