Competitor Research

The Competitor research tries to find the answer to,

What does your firm need to do to survive competition?


Competition determines the overall rate of profit in an industry. Therefore a research in this area is crucial for the firm. Our approach is first to examine the basis of the competition in the industry. How intense is the competition, and what are the key dimensions of competition?


The principal framework used is Porter’s 5 forces of competition. The model will provide simple but powerful information about industry structure and predicts structural features for competitive behaviour. By using the game theory the dynamics of the industry are also described such as rival's choices to compete or not to compete.

  • The external environment's growth and development
  • Entry and exit barriers
  • The 5' forces analysis and game theory identifying the different competitors, direct and indirect, in the market
  • Detailed information about the main competitors, price, place, product and promotion
  • SWOT analysis
  • Opportunities for competitive advantage - the key success factors.

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