This report focuses on the opportunities in the Construction Industry in the Netherlands and is a practical guide to companies targeting the Dutch market. The historical situation is only briefly described as the main focus is on the expectations and opportunities in the future. The largest projects coming up in the Netherlands are identified and the complex buying and construction process is described and explained. In the final Chapter Resources a list of addresses and contact details is provided.

The size of the report, in Powerpoint presentation format, is 50 pages. The Resources lists 30 pages of contacts.

  1. The Netherlands
       1.1 Fact sheet
       1.2 Economy
  2.  Construction Industry in the Netherlands
       2.1 The role of the Dutch Government
       2.2 Market size
       2.3 Characteristics of the Dutch Construction Sector
       2.4 Investments projects
       2.5 Tender
       2.6 Entry Barriers
       2.7 How to do business with Dutch Construction companies
       2.8 Market expectations                   
  3. Residential
       3.1 General market data
       3.2 Investments projects
       3.3 Market Expectations
  4. Non residential
       4.1 General market data
       4.2 Investments projects
       4.3 Market Expectations
  5. Civil Engineering
       5.1 General market data
       5.2 Investments projects
       5.3 Market Expectations
  6. Main influencers in the Dutch Construction Industry
       6.1 General buying and construction process
         6.1.1 Government, central, local and municipalities
         6.1.2 Housing Associations
         6.1.3 Project Developers
         6.1.4 Architects
         6.1.5 Contractors 
         6.1.6 Engineers
  7. Building Material and wood companies
       7.1 General market data
       7.2 Approval and quality certification building and wood companies
       7.3 Main Influencers and buyers
       7.4 Market Expectations
  8. DIY Market
       8.1 General market data
       8.2 Main influencers and buyer DIY material
       8.3 Buying process
       8.4 Market expectations
  9. Resources - Address material and contact details
Organisations - Tender Sources - Project sources - Project Developers - Architects - Contractors - Engineers and Consulting firms - Building material and wood companies - wood agents - Test and Approval Institutes - Main DIY Purchase Organisations - Exhibitions and Trade Fairs - Trade Magazines and Daily Newspapers

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