This report focuses on the opportunities in the Oil and Gas Industry in the Netherlands and is a practical guide to companies targeting the Dutch market.
The oil fields are steadily shrinking and the future seems finite for companies only supplying to the oil industry. However there are still many large gas fields which have not been explored and the Netherlands as one of largest producer of gas in Western Europe, opens up for new opportunities for suppliers to this sector.Entrance into this sector is relatively open compared to other countries, as the Dutch government has been acting in a less protectionist manner than other major Western European Governments. However any entry barriers have to be related to product, price and quality.

The size of the report, in Powerpoint presentation format, is 40 pages. The Resources lists 30 pages of contacts.


  1. The Netherlands
       1.1 Fact sheet
       1.2 Policy
       1.3 Economy
       1.4 Culture
  2. Oil and Gas Industry in the Netherlands
       2.1 General Market Data
       2.2 The role of the Dutch Government
       2.3 Legislation
       2.4 Market size and reserves
             2.4.1 Oil
             2.4.2 Gas
       2.5 Characteristics of the Dutch Oil and Gas
       2.6 Projects
       2.7 Market expectations
  3. Main influencers in the Dutch Oil and Gas Industry
       3.1 General buying behaviour
       3.2 Upstream
             3.2.1 Operators
             3.2.2 Contractors
             3.2.3 Engineers
             3.2.4 Service and Equipment Companies
       3.3 Downstream
             3.3.1 Oil and Gas companies
             3.4 How to do business with Dutch companies
             3.5 Market Expectations
  4. Threats and Opportunities
  5. Resources
Organisations - Project Sources - Exhibitions and Conferences - Trade Magazines - Operators - Contractors - Engineers - Service and Equipment Firms - Oil and Gas companies - 220 Relevant companies in a direct mail list

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