The services of FRIBERG CONSULT are divided into two areas: business operations and market researches.


A) Based on market knowledge and conditions FRIBERG CONSULT helps you with establishing a booth at a relevant trade fair or when setting up a new office.

B) Every company and every market is unique. Before entering an export market we can help you evaluate your existing export situation and make suggestions on how to target the new market. 

Evaluate Export Strategy

  • Evaluate export situation
  • Internal capabilities
  • External forces
  • Previous success stories
  • A list of recommendations and considerations by entering the market
  • Setting up your Export Action Plan


Based on conversations with key actors in the market we gather relevant information and use different analytical tools to provide you with valuable information about your market sector. By using the delivered information you will be better able to make the right decisions in developing your business and making it successful.

The list below of market researches gives examples of what kind of information might be needed to identify your market and business situation within different areas. In order to understand and solve your case, a review of the internal and external situations of your company is carried out.

More detailed information of each research is found under the subheadings.

By each individual case a proposal is made.

  • Market Overview Research
  • Customer Research
  • Competitor Research
  • Product Presentations
  • Market Survey Tour
  • Exhibitions
  • Other tailored researches

 Market Overview Research

    • Information gathering
    • Analysing and screening the information
    • Market size and growth
    • The external environment and main factors in industry growth
    • Identifying distribution channels
    • Opportunities and Threats in entering the market
    • List of sources and contact details.

Customer Research

    • Identifying and analysing the different actors in the market
    • Identifying potential customers
    • Information about the potential customers, address lists and contact persons
    • Describing the Buyer Behaviour  (consumer/industrial/governmental market)
    • Cold calling potential customers and identifying interest in your product
    • Direct Mail with product leaflet
    • Follow up and gathering feed-back
    • Opportunities for competitive advantage - the key success factors.

Competitor Research

    • The external environment's growth and development
    • Entry and exit barriers
    • The 5' forces analysis and game theory identifying the different competitors, direct and indirect, in the market
    • Detailed information about the main competitors, price, place, product and promotion
    • SWOT analysis
    • Opportunities for competitive advantage - the key success factors.

Product Presentations

    • Arrange meetings with customers
    • Give product presentations
    • Hand over a report with comments from the meetings. Product, price: cost, market or competitor related
    • Recommend strategies: channel, promotion, price and product

Market Survey Tour

    • Selecting relevant arrangements
    • Planning the tour
    • Hotel booking
    • Introduce you to Dutch Trade Fairs and Exhibitions
    • Arrange meetings with and visit potential customers 
    • Conference - get to know more about your market


    • Identify relevant trade fair
    • Gathering information and planning participation
    • Hotel Booking
    • Building up stand at the trade fair
    • Advertisements
    • Direct mail campaign to potential customers
    • Planning and scheduling meetings with customers

Other tailored researches


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